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Our Psychology courses provide you with the wonderful opportunity to increase your understanding of human behaviour, and study all the areas of the human mind and how it operates.

With an ageing population, those with skills in aged community support are increasingly in demand around the country. In this course, you’ll learn all the skills needed to thrive as a caregiver, be it in a home setting, in a community or in a registered home care facility.
Many people have periods in their life that they find difficult to manage, and will seek help to navigate change and reorganise or rejuvenate their thirst for life. Being a Life Coach requires planning, motivation and a genuine desire to help others succeed.
Learn the theory behind the skills and techniques used to successfully help people work through their problems and issues with counselling. This includes listening, reflection, questioning and interview techniques.
Learn how children develop psychologically as they grow, and what factors (such as learning, parenting styles, reinforcement and genetic makeup) influence their behaviour and thinking.
Teenage years can be very difficult for all members of the family. Examine the life changes each adolescent must navigate on their journey to adulthood. Understand the role transitions and crises faced by young people and become a more effective parent, teacher or youth worker.
Start your path towards becoming a counsellor today with this industry accredited online course. Counselling provides a regular time and space for someone to talk about their problems and explore difficult feelings in a confidential and dependable environment.
The course is designed for those that aspire to become accredited life coaches; healthcare practitioners that want to broaden their skill-set and update their toolbox of techniques to help their clients; and for those that generally want to learn more about themselves and plan a better life through coaching.


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Yes, you can begin your journey towards being a counsellor with 100% online courses at The Career Academy. You should also get some industry experience to understand what is required on a daily basis.

The Diploma in Psychology & Counselling is a qualification that teaches the theory behind some skills and techniques used to help people work through problems with counselling.

Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a free 12-month membership to the International Association for Counselling. 

Yes. The Career Academy offers a variety of online psychology courses, these range from introductory courses through certificates and into diplomas – which give you a more advanced idea of what it takes to understand and motivate people.
The Career Academy offers several great courses that allow you to understand basic psychology. You could start with an Introduction to Psychology & Counselling to explore fundamental concepts in psychology.