Get your career in caring for animals started with our professionally designed Pet and Animal care courses. Not only does The Career Academy provide exclusive animal psychology, grooming and training related courses, but our accredited business pathways get you on-track to opening your own animal care business. .

Become a Professional Dog Groomer! Whether you’ve already got some experience in grooming and want to increase your knowledge base, or you want to get your foot in the door as a grooming apprentice, this Diploma will be for you.
If you have a great passion for animals and their well being, then this course will suit you down to the ground. It’s a course where you’ll gain vital skills and a real knowledge of how to provide the best care for companion animals.
Introductory level dog grooming course, learn the need to know key concepts required by dog groomers and become a professional dog groomer – or start your own business! Developed by dog grooming experts.
Whether you are a responsible dog owner, you want to enter the dog care industry, or you already work in a dog care related business; this course will provide you with essential knowledge to improve your ability to care for canines.
Our online course will teach you about canine psychology, senses and behaviour, and you’ll learn basic dog and obedience training techniques. This course will provide invaluable information for anyone who owns dogs, works with dogs currently, or plans to work with dogs in the future.


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we offer a diverse range of animal care courses, including Dog Psychology, Behaviour & Training, Diploma in Dog Grooming, Certificate in Dog & Pet Grooming, Certificate in Caring for Dogs, and Certificate in Animal Care. Each course is designed to cater to different aspects of animal care and grooming.

Yes, all of our dog grooming courses are 100% online. If you want to enter the industry as a grooming apprentice, the Diploma in Dog Grooming from The Career Academy is a great first step. 

Animal care is a growing business that could provide you with a number of work opportunities. You could use The Career Academy qualifications to show prospective employers you are serious about dog training, pet grooming, wildlife management and animal care.

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate which can be a valuable addition to your professional qualifications in the field of animal care.

The Diploma in Dog Grooming is a great course that gives you a broad understanding of the care of canines and prepares you to potentially start a dog grooming business of your own down the track.

Approximately 200 hours. Learn at your own pace, but ideally complete one module per week

The duration varies depending on the course. For instance, our Diploma in Dog Grooming is an 18-month course, while our Certificate courses can be completed in approximately 6 months.

Definitely! Our courses are designed for learners at all levels, including those starting from scratch. We provide essential foundational knowledge as well as more advanced skills.