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The Career Academy is an internationally recognised online education provider, who partners with industry to deliver you the latest and most up to date content. We help change the lives of over 20,000 students every single year.
  • 83% of our graduates say our qualifications improved their ability to get a new job or promotion.
  • Be awarded with an industry and employer recognised certificate to help you reach your potential & earn more.
  • You’ll receive unlimited tutor support from experienced professionals.
    Our students rate us 4.8 out of 5 stars based on thousands of independent reviews.
  • Get free access to the career centre who will review and improve your CV to help you succeed.


The Career Academy’s vision is to provide you with an outstanding online learning experience that will help you embrace new job opportunities and advance your career. We have successful operations in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia and our long-term goal is to be in 10 countries within 10 years.

Our education driven team of developers and tutors are committed to providing exceptional online courses and unlimited tutor support. We offer a range of employer recognised courses as well as specialist courses to improve job performance. Our focus is on mentoring, inspiring and supporting people through training so their career or business can reap the rewards. Course delivery is flexible, so our students can study with minimal disruption to their daily life. Plus, we offer affordable payment plans so anyone wanting to learn has the opportunity no matter their circumstances

The Career Academy UK | About our tutors | The Career Academy UK


Receive unlimited support from our experienced tutors. Here at The Career Academy our tutors are industry experts who are passionate about helping students succeed. Students receive unlimited tutor support via phone and email.


Jessica is an Administration, Management, Computing & Health tutor who works with The Career Academy to help students achieve their goals and career aspirations. Jessica has an Advanced Certificate in Business Administration, along with many years of working within the administration and management field. This qualification coupled with years of industry experience has allowed Jessica to provide the best education experience for her students.

With an unyielding passion and commitment for delivering exceptional education and support, her students are guaranteed to walk away from their qualifications feeling confident and prepared.

I made a decision to diversify my skillset and jumped on the Career Academy medical reception course. From the very beginning I knew I had the support network I needed to succeed in this course. The tutors are available for any questions and give helpful feedback. I have especially appreciated the help of Jessica Duiker who has encouraged me to continue to do the best I can with each assessment. Studying at home during COVID19 has been a great use of my downtime. I’ll come out of this with a fresh new qualification and ready to get back into the workforce.

Hannah T


Rachel has over 20 years’ experience in the animal industry. She has owned her own grooming and training business and worked in a number of veterinary clinics throughout Melbourne. She has trained and been a mentor for many people who wished to learn to become professional dog groomers. Rachel is all about positive handling techniques and loves to see people succeed and follow their passion for working with animals.

Really enjoying my course. The feedback is great. My tutor Rachel is wonderful and always there if I need her. I’m working on my last assignment now and considering taking another course.



Natalie is a Psychology and Counselling Tutor at The Career Academy. She completed her Bachelor of Psychology with Honours at the University of Tasmania and has since moved to Melbourne where she joined our tutoring team. During her studies, she worked in multiple student support roles and was able to assist students to develop their academic skills and strategies to balance work, life and study. Natalie is passionate about helping students from all walks of life to achieve their best, and this is why she loves being a tutor at The Career Academy.
My experience in studying this time was the greatest thing I have done for a long time. The tutor, Natalie, was very supportive and at the same time, let me do my work. Hoping the next step will be the same or better.

Maya G

photo-1581547848400-c2d06d641a65 Ryan is an Accounting Tutor at The Career Academy with a Bachelors’s in Accounting and Economics from the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Ryan enjoys inspiring students and loves passing on his knowledge of Accounting. Many years of education have taught him that every student learns differently, which puts him in an excellent position to tailor his teaching for an exciting student learning experience. Besides Accounting, Ryan loves traveling and watching Premier League football, as he was a football player in his school days. Ryan loves helping people achieve their goals and success in their career.
bannon-morrissy-RxiAV5LC-ww-unsplash Nick works as an Administration, Management, and MS Office Tutor, coming from a background of studying Criminology and Sociology at Monash University. This was followed by years of experience in Administration roles based in many departments across an array of industries. With a passion for helping people, Nick has come to The Career Academy with a mindset to use his experience in these roles to help make a difference for students, assisting them on their road to upskilling towards a new role or career, and reaching their goals. In his spare time, Nick can be found cheering on one of his many sports teams, at the gym, watching films, hiking and singing Motown songs while cooking.
Advanced Certificate in Excel Stephanie completed her Bachelor of Business (Marketing/Event Management) from La Trobe University in Melbourne. Before joining The Career Academy, Stephanie received 5+ years of Reception and Administration experience, with a working knowledge of Microsoft Office and administrative skills. With her experience and expertise, Stephanie started her journey as an Administration, Management, and MS tutor at The Career Academy. As an educator, Stephanie is passionate about assisting each of her students to reach their full potential and seeing her students achieve their career goals and new opportunities.
151584353_10160474582879989_5027171659659379471_n Anna is a Tutor at The Career Academy and has a strong background in hands-on accounting and bookkeeping after several years working in this area. One of her favourite quotes is, “Education is the difference between wishing you could help other people and being able to help them”- Russell M Nelson. Anna feels that education is the foundation of growth, and she is committed to helping students, whatever their abilities, achieve their learning goals. Anna graduated from Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelors in Business, majoring in Accounting & International Business, and she enjoys using her experience, together with her passion for learning, to be a positive influence on our students. When Anna isn’t helping students, you can find her with her family and in her garden.
pexels-daniel-xavier-1212984 I have graduated in Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a major in Accounting from La Trobe University and have been working in Finance department for different industries like Hospitality, Retail Sports, Pharmaceutical and Accounting/Tax Services for more than 10 years now. I believe being a student it can be very challenging to grasp knowledge of any topic without experience or limited training or education. Therefore, it is paramount to support students during their journey in completing their courses and most importantly having them really understand the course itself. I am always willing to help students to the best of my ability and open to feedback from students to further develop my skills. I have also been very active in Cricket and have been playing with La Trobe University Cricket Club for the last 15 years where I have won awards for best performances in different grades. I love travelling and have visited countries like United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and USA which has given me an opportunity to interact and learn about people with different culture and background.


Tracey is a people person with impressive juggling skills. Like many of The Career Academy’s students, she’s a working mum balancing her job and her family.

In her previous role as an office manager at one of Lion Nathan’s Auckland establishments for seven years, she was responsible for all manner of financial duties (incl. payroll, and accounts payable & receivable.) She later backed up these skills with a Bachelor of Business from Massey.

Although she’s a proficient “number cruncher” it’s working with her students which Tracey enjoys the most. Seeing when a student really “gets it,” when their confidence soars or when they’re able to secure that new role – these are things that she loves.

Thank you Tracey Annan for your objective grade on my Myob payroll assignment. I can learn from my mistakes. I think it’s good to do something wrong so we can study more closely and learn more.



After completing her Masters in Psychology at Auckland University of Technology, Beth joined the Career Academy to pursue one of her favourite activities: discussing psychology! She particularly loves reading what students think of the different theories and how they apply them to their own life experiences. Each student has a valuable contribution to make, in her opinion, and being a part of this is something she considers a real privilege.

When not reading submissions or discussing them on the phone, Beth enjoys cooking unusual recipes and playing her ukulele.

My Tutor Beth is very encouraging and kind re-grading my assessments.
She has given me the confidence to believe in myself and my ability to be able to achieve my goals of obtaining my Level 4 Certificate in MH.



Kelly graduated with a Bachelor of Arts major in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), and a minor in Linguistics and Chinese at Victoria University of Wellington. She engages well with students from different age groups, backgrounds, and cultures. Her past experiences in working with students involved being a junior class mentor in College, a campus coach/student ambassador at University, participating in cultural clubs, and teaching dance (which is one of her hobbies!)

Kelly has joined The Career Academy in 2020 as a tutor to build her career and experiences. She confidently says this: “I am grateful to be a part of a positive company with core values that I align with. It is amazing to get to interact with a variety of students. Being a tutor for me is not just about getting the work done, but ensuring that I do my best to help someone – whether it may be easy or difficult. At the end of my day, it makes me happy knowing that I have helped a student.”

I would just like to comment on Kelly, she has marked my assignment today, and her comments were so confidence boosting and kind. If you have a problem with one of the questions, her explanations are very clear, and well thought through. Thanks Kelly : )


girl-g6150284b2_1920 Amoré is an Administration, Management & Microsoft Office tutor who works with The Career Academy to help students achieve their career goals. Amoré has a Bachelor of Arts Degree specialising in Psychology, English and a Certificate in Language Teaching (CELTA), along with many years of working within the administration and education field. These qualifications coupled with years of experience in various industries enables Amoré to provide the best education experience for her students. When Amoré isn’t helping students to achieve the very best out of their studies, she enjoys travelling with friends , yoga, and creating artwork in her free time.


After graduating from The University of Auckland, Bhavik came to us as one of our resident Accounting tutors where he amazes both his students and colleagues with his huge range of knowledge. Bhavik has been with us for two years and we’re still trying to find a topic that he’s not an expert in. So far we know he’s a pro at web development, IT, simulation racing, and guitar, so who knows what other talents he’s hiding from us.

While tutoring, Bhavik loves that every student is unique which means he can tailor his tutoring style to each one. He says its especially rewarding when he sees a less confident student develop over the course of their learning.

Very good tutor support, thank you Bhavik Daya!
My first assignment was assessed very promptly and with very well explained errors and where I needed to reinforce my knowledge.
I got some good energy for further study. 



The Career Academy UK | About our tutors | The Career Academy UK Becky is an Administration, Management & MS Office Tutor here at The Career Academy. Studying at Dublin Institute of Technology, Becky undertook a University Degree in Creative and Cultural Industries, which has given her the knowledge and ability to tutor a variety of the courses that The Career Academy provides. She is passionate about providing the best educational experience for each and every one of our students and strives to do this on a daily basis when tutoring. She has a diverse background in Administration and Human Resource Management under her belt, coupled with extensive customer services experience, which enables her to excel in her role as a tutor. Becky finds tutoring for The Career Academy to be a fulfilling and rewarding experience and loves being part of an organisation that opens doors for students and sets them on a career path that they never would have thought possible!
The Career Academy UK | About our tutors | The Career Academy UK
Sarah Tottle is a trained business psychologist, and a member of the Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists & Clinical Hypnotherapists (ACCPH) association. Sarah is an international writer and her psychology research has been published in high profile magazines such as CEO magazine, World Economic Forum, and other business magazines. She is an organisational trainer, and has coached and counselled individuals and groups in both the public and third sector. She is currently completing her PhD.


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