Know your learning style

People take in new information in many different ways. Is the way you study the best for your learning style?

Visual Learners 

You work best using pictorial or graphically formatted information. Diagrams, images and graphs appeal to your style of learning.

Kinaesthetic/Active Learners

Manipulating objects and experimenting with practical or physical activities appeal to you the most. You learn through trial and error, enjoy problem solving and tend to work in groups.

Aural Learners

Listening to audio aids or hearing a tutor speak on a topic engages your attention and prompts you to discuss your own ideas with others.

Reading/Note Learners

You search for explanations and make notes based on material you have read. You tend to use repetitive methods to remember information.

The Career Academy UK | Understand your learning styleWhat’s your style?

Many learners show a strong preference to one particular learning style, however most use a combination. Understanding which styles you identify with the most, will allow you to make the most of your learning potential.