MTGU1013 – Bookkeeping to Business Pathway

Learn the skills needed to start your own Bookkeeping Business!

Launch your bookkeeping business with the option to freelance, subcontract or start your own bookkeeping business. Complete our Certificate in Bookkeeping and then our Bookkeeping to Business Program.

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52 reviews for MTGU1013 – Bookkeeping to Business Pathway

  1. Maoai Maulalo Crichton


  2. Abhijeet Jagat Sangani

    The course is perfect – I loved the flexibility of study

  3. Sarah Smits

    The website is very professional and informative. Great variety of courses at reasonable prices. The reviews were positive and mostly 4-5 star rating. The exercise instructions were very clear, however there were two(2) areas that were not for me. Pay Bills – The wording regarding making a payment to the Purchase:Awaiting Payment for Swanston Security was confusing i.e. appeared to be instructions for creating a Bill. BAS Report – It was difficult to Publish a Business Activity Statement that was not in the standard quarters. The 3 month period I was instructed to use was from "1 May 2017 to 31 Jul 2017" and the software would not accept the dates, and repeatedly tried to revert to an IAS rather than a BAS. When I entered the standard quarter 1 Jul 2017 to 30 Sep 2017 the report would publish correctly.

  4. Sheryl Benington

    The information was very helpful but not always tailored to a service providing business rather than a sales type company. More specific service related only info would be a help. Thanks!

  5. Amanda Jones

    I found the tutors really helpful and all of the information was relevant!

  6. Bianca Du Plessis

    I like my course a lot, I find the tutors on most of the subjects very helpful. It would be better when an assessment is wrong if they could give more explanation on what is wrong, especially if a few attempts have been made.

  7. Marinelle Jane Colindres

    My course is very hard, but I am coping and learning at my own pace. It is very challenging. Sending my assignments is nerve-wrecking. I am very thankful of the tutors because they are guiding me in the right direction. Thank you.

  8. Ashika Nand

    I am loving doing my course and The Career Academy is making me enjoy the subject of Bookkeeping/Accounting!

  9. Joanne Gallagher

    I loved the fact that I could do the course in my own time (even though it means I have to motivate myself to study..) It is great not having to be physically present at night classes. In terms of the resources, the forums were really useful as I could see previous responses to content I am currently working on. Everything was easy to access and complete. I would recommend The Career Academy to anyone!

  10. Natasha Bishkopf

    I find that the course is explained in a straight-forward manner.

  11. Ellen van Ballegooij

    The tutors always responded very quickly and the course itself was great! I found the material comprehensive, particularly the business pathway section.

  12. Lesley Washbourne

    The ease with which you could complete the course with the Career Academy was something I liked most.

  13. Lesley Washbourne

    The ease with which you could complete the course with the Career Academy was something I liked most.

  14. Christine Henare

    The material was well put together and I found it easy to understand.I liked the little ways each section let you know when you had completed something.The tutors were very helpful and I think very very patient and gave coherent and non-judgmental feedback

  15. Tracey Ward

    I feel that the tutors are good, well-equipped and always replied promptly to to my queries. The Career Academy offered me easy way of studying and I found the moodle to be user-friendly.

  16. Aimee Louise Vate

    I liked that you could do the course at your own and the supplementary course materials are really great.

  17. Toni Crossman

    The tutors were very helpful and I found their advice in their emails great. I loved the course itself – it is accessible and can do everything yourself.

  18. Julie Seevens

    I am thoroughly enjoying my course. It is intensive but done in such a way as not to be overwhelming. The turnaround from submitting assignments and getting them back is fantastic, often in the same day! The tutors are really positive with their feedback and always manage to give me a great confidence boost. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in getting a book keeping qualification.

  19. Bianca

    I like my course alot, I find the tutors on most of the subjects very helpful. It would be better when an assessment is wrong if they could give more explanation on what is wrong, especially if a few attempts have been made, the question in topic 5.2 could also be alot clearer.

  20. Amanda

    I found the tutors really helpful and all of the information was relevant!

  21. Anonymous

    Finding time to study is the most difficult. The feedback from the tutors on my assignments is always very helpful. The content of the course is absolutely above average.

  22. Nancy Wu

    Still working through the course. The first part of the course was very interesting, I enjoyed it a lot. The second part is less interesting to me but I’m still working through. The main reason I signed up for this course is to become more confident in bookkeeping and to increase my knowledge for my career.

  23. Nicole George

    It is very interesting and I seem to be grasping it quite well. The tutors are lovely, very prompt as well.

  24. Julanne Frecklington

    This is a helpful course. I like the material and haven’t found it too difficult so far.

  25. Emily Bugg

    I find it really interesting. I have a certificate in MYOB already so I really enjoy gaining some more experience and practice in bookkeeping. It’s a very valuable course and the tutors are rather prompt.

  26. Anonymous

    The course was good, very informative. Brendan was amazing tutor and very helpful. The first part of the course was good but struggling to stay motivated for the second part. Course and tutors would get a 4/5, but finding a job in the field would get a 3/5.

  27. Gayleen Sime

    I have to say, I am really happy with this course. The marking has been done really quickly by the tutors and they always give positive feedback. If there’s anything I need to have a look at they always get back to me about it. Definitely impressed with what I’ve done so far.

  28. Kim Angela Rennie

    This course is great for me because I really enjoy this sort of thing. I have some experience in basic accounting principles but there’s a ton of new info in here on bookkeeping to learn which is great. It’s really good to learn some new bits and pieces, and to be able to use this knowledge in the future for career advancement.

  29. Sheemal Prasad

    This is a refresher course for me and I’m enjoying it fine so far – it’s good to go back to the basics and brush up on some information.

  30. Renell Olivier

    I always get a reply when I call in for help, I find everything is going really well and the bookkeeping program is good!

  31. Louise Pearce

    I like it so far. In terms of difficulty the course content is a mixture – some of it is a bit more challenging because it’s new concepts, but it’s well written and explained so it’s easy to understand.

  32. Shelley Jenkins

    The feedback given to me by the tutors has been helpful, I really like how they marked my assignment on the weekend so I can take the week to go back and see what I did correctly and what I need to work on.

  33. Rose Faulkner

    Great course, tutors are helpful.

  34. Annette Jamison

    The textbook that came with the course is very good despite the text and the size of it being very tiny. The course is revisiting things that I’ve done previously and it’s turning out to be simpler than I expected.

  35. Kim Hetherington

    The course is going well. One suggestion I would make is more consistency in the markings; sometimes tutors will give different feedback. The content is a bit more challenging than what I thought, not coming from that background, but it’s pretty interesting.

  36. Coral Kaumoana

    I have found the course really good and the support has always been reliable.

  37. Amelia Hastings

    Really loving what I’ve done so far!

  38. Jennifer Fletcher

    Excellent course.

  39. Kiri Dower

    Good content, challenging at the parts it needs to be and very well put together. The tutors are helpful.

  40. Jo-Anne Chadderton

    Trekking my way through this course and really enjoying it. Getting some helpful feedback from tutors when I need it.

  41. Agnes Bulatiko

    Very happy with the course, enjoying it a lot and getting great responses from the tutors and assistants.

  42. Wendy Bryant

    The certificate is quite good, there is the opportunity to go beyond the certificate if I wanted to but at the moment I am busy with the course and happy with the help the tutors have given me.

  43. Feroz Ali

    Very valuable course and very supportive tutors.

  44. Jade Lauren Collis

    The course is great i’m a little slow in starting but finding it very good and easy to take in all the information.

  45. Amiee Bate

    The course is going good, the feedback from my assessment 1 was very helpful and excellent.

  46. Kiri Dower

    The course so far is going very well, the assessments are thorough and I like that it is repetitive as it helps sink in and really understand

  47. Vivianne McLennan

    Tracey was very prompt, very friendly and very patient; had me up and running again in no time at all, which was excellent. Thank you! Tracey!!

  48. Rose Faulkner

    Thank you for a prompt response.

  49. Anita Marie Pierson

    Thanks for the almost immediate response. It meant I could submit my assignment in without having to wait for a response 🙂

  50. Marion Bealing

    Really good explanation of where my thinking had gone awry.

  51. Karen Clunie

    professional, fantastic help – thank you

  52. Glenys Bell

    Assistance was within the promised 24 hours and solved the issue I was having. Help much appreciated. Once in the assessment I did find a few things confusing which I will feedback to the tutor but my initial issue was solved. Many Thanks

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Key benefits

  • Receive a FREE 12 month subscription to the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers 
  • Fast track your bookkeeping career, increase your earning potential and get ahead
  • Become a Certified Bookkeeper and start your own Bookkeeping Business!
  • Developed in conjunction with Irish Chartered Accountants and Xero
  • Accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers
  • Access to expert tutors and business coaches
  • Work from home and earn on average £25 per hour once you are certified
  • Flexible online study – work at your own pace in your own time and receive unlimited one-on-one tutor support
  • Build your business the right way, from the ground up, and make it easier to grow and expand
  • Developed by an ICB Accredited Training Centre

Bookkeeping to Business Program!

  • You learn the proven, practical skills to help you generate new clients, increase your sales and profit, save time and scale your business.
  • Fits with your lifestyle and learn anywhere, anytime and at your own pace
  • Is short enough to fit in with your busy schedule, but long enough to teach you the critical new skills to grow your business.
  • Receive four hours of mentoring from our experienced and knowledgeable business mentors. They’re there to answer your questions and provide insight into how you can turn the practical skills you’ve learnt into a fully-fledged business.

This program is designed for

  • Currently self-employed/contract bookkeepers who want to take their career to the next level
  • Job seekers wanting to upskill in the bookkeeping industry
  • Bookkeepers who want to become certified
  • Entrepreneurs looking to start their own bookkeeping business
  • Business owners who wish to save money by managing their own accounts and VAT returns

This Course is Accredited by The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, Study Online Today!

Course summary

Investment: £999 + VAT available on our £25 per week interest free payment plan. Click here to enrol now


Assessments: Case studies, quizzes, written assessments


Access Time: You will have access to this course for up to 12 months until you complete.


Enrolment and duration: A total of 100 hours, for the Certificate in Bookkeeping and 75 hours for the Bookkeeping to Business Program to be completed within 12 months. Most students study for 10 hours per week and finish in 17 weeks. Easy!


Delivery and support: This course is delivered online with tutor support by phone and email. you will also have access to an online study group, allowing you to work with students who are sharing the experience.


Qualification information: On successful completion of this business training course, you will be awarded a Career Academy Certificate of Achievement.

Certificate in Bookkeeping modules

  • ABKU202 – Accounting and Bookkeeping Fundamentals
  • ABKU152 – General Journal
  • ABKU153 – General Ledgers and the Trail Balance
  • ABKU218 – Depreciation
  • ABKU106 – Accurals and Prepayments
  • ABKU146 – Financial Statements
  • ABKU133 – Understanding VAT
  • ABKU214 – Fundamentals of Payroll
  • ABKU217 – Accounting with Sage and QuickBooks
  • ABKU103 – Accounting with Xero
  • ABKU122 – Budgeting, Forecasting and Cashflow Management
  • CITG125 – Bookkeeping using Microsoft Excel

Start your own business modules

  • ABKU201 – Starting Up
  • ABKG186 – Preparing your Business Plan
  • MGTG129 – Marketing and Social Media
  • ABKU122 – Budgeting, Forecasting and Cashflow Management
  • ABKG185 – Planning for Profit
  • ABKU214 – Fundamentals of Payroll
  • ABKU133 – Understanding GST
  • ABKU189 – Financial Statement Analysis

What our students say

★★★★★ “I loved the fact that I could do the course in my own time (even though it means I have to motivate myself to study..) It is great not having to be physically present at night classes. In terms of the resources, the forums were really useful as I could see previous responses to content I am currently working on. Everything was easy to access and complete. I would recommend The Career Academy to anyone!” – Joanne Gallagher

If you have already completed the Certificate in Bookkeeping and just want the Start your own Bookkeeping Business component, click here

Receive a one-on-one session with a business coach!

Sarah Tottle

Sarah is a fully accredited life coach, psychologist and trainer who has many years of experience across sectors. Sarah is an international writer and has been published in high profile magazines such as CEO magazine, World Economic Forum, and other business magazines. She is an organisational trainer and has coached and counselled individuals and groups in both the public and third sector. She is committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed in their business. 

Declan Scott

This Pathway Program includes one to one mentoring from one of our very experienced and knowledgeable business mentors, Declan Scott. Declan has a significant amount of business and coaching experience. He is a University Lecturer and a facilitator. He has run several small businesses and enjoys helping students set up their own successful ventures. His dedication and expert advice has resulted in amazing student feedback.

Caroline Naguib

Caroline is a successful entrepreneur and founder of the Jaymen Group Ltd. She is passionate about helping aspiring entrepreneurs, running several of her own businesses while coaching start-ups, including a niche recruitment platform, a brand and PR agency, and an education consultancy. She is regularly sought after for her expertise as a consultant and has featured in CEO magazine and Inside Small Business.

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