Nicky’s story

“My tutor was fantastic!”


Nicky studied the Diploma in Management and Team Leadership with us and we asked her a few questions.

How did you hear about The Career Academy?

I was searching for some exiting courses to do, but also knew that financially I would not be able to afford studying without paying it off. Therefore, when I found Career Academy I also found what I was interested in studying as well as the ability to pay while studying.


Why did you choose your The Career Academy course?

I chose to study Management, as I had no idea what it was all about and it was a new challenge for me and kept my mind active and motivated.  I particularly enjoyed HR and personnel management and would not have minded doing a diploma or even a high degree in HR and personnel management.


How did you find the tutor and student services support throughout your time with us?

My tutor (Dinithi) was fantastic. The motivation and praise was all you needed to continue the next assessment/assignment. Positive and encouraging words are extremely helpful when you feeling isolated and it reassures you that you are on the right track.


Have you been able to make use of the information studied and learnt in your course? If so, how?

I have found that the management diploma, HR, and Personnel management Certificate has helped me with my counselling clients as I work for EAP providers. Work place issues is one of the biggest factors that I have come across in counselling, particularly bullying in the work place and with my certificate in HR and personnel management I am able to emotionally assist my clients work through there difficult time.


What’s your next step now you’ve graduated? What are you up to now?

If there was a diploma or even a higher education to obtain in HR and Personnel management I would certainly be interested in this. However, for now, I have recently started my own private counselling practice on Fridays. Having some, knowledge in Management has surely helped me a great deal; however I still feel I need more skills when it comes to finances and Excel. This might be next on my list.