George’s story:




“It was as though everything had been designed to suit my needs,” comments George. “The payment plans were ideal, the course was well structured and the support I received from my tutors was amazing. These are the three key reasons why I’d recommend The Career Academy to my friends without any hesitation.”

Changing careers – it doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth!

Packing up your bags, your family and your life, and relocating is probably the biggest decision someone could ever make. Not only is there the physical upheaval of the move, there’s also the emotional whirlwind. In 2012, George Papaioannou left his home in Greece and with his wife and two boys.

George was a respected dentist with more than 20 years professional experience. Unfortunately though he found his Greek qualifications aren’t recognised worldwide, which meant he’d have to re-qualify. This proved to be a lengthy, cumbersome and expensive process and, after much consideration, George decided to embark on a new career pathway.

George’s first thought was to go into tourism but, given his proven business acumen and the fact that “I’m not in my twenties any more!” he opted for accountancy. Attending polytechnic was not appealing; it was more costly than online learning, and would seriously cut into the hours where George could be earning an income. He searched online and found The Career Academy’s Certificate in Accounting.

From the moment George made his first phone call for more information, he says he knew he’d made the right choice. Amy was kind and patient on the telephone, carefully answering his queries, explaining the learning process and generally being supportive. George seized the opportunity and signed up.

Studying around his temporary job at a fast-food restaurant, George successfully completed the Certificate in just seven weeks.

The Career Academy’s Certificate in Accounting consists of ten modules, including:

George achieving his Certificate in Accounting was just the first step on his new career pathway. We’re delighted that he’s now progressing further with The Career Academy, studying for his Diploma in Accounting which comprises six modules:

  1. Accounting Fundamentals*
  2. Accounting Principles
  3. Accounting Practices
  4. Management Accounting
  5. Taxation
  6. Advanced Xero

* Students who have already achieved their Certificate in Accounting, automatically receive credits for this module.

“George and his family left Greece in 2004. “I think the transition has been easier for our boys than for my wife and I,” he says. “They’re younger and they’re surrounded by English-speakers at school every day. They often correct our English – but that’s good, it helps us improve even more!”

George’s ultimate goal is to become an Accounting Technician and a member of CAANZ (Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand), which is exactly why Career Academy designed the Accounting Pathway Program – for savvy people like him who want to fast-track their accounting career.