Christine’s story: 

 “Feel the fear, and just go for it!”

Christine Kidd knows all about how to overcome a challenge. For many years, she’s dealt with significant health issues, but she continues to face these head-on. As part of her self-development, she’s taken various word processing, computing and administration courses over the years, and is now a proficient audio typist who works from home.

Christine wanted to further enhance her business skills and broaden the scope of the work she could undertake. She searched online, found The Career Academy and thought that our Certificate in Medical Reception looked ideal. This was confirmed by a phone call to Amy in our student support team who went through the course contents and also ensured that Christine was comfortable with the payment terms. Christine was on her way!

It was a big step for her to choose online learning rather than the more traditional “class room” environment. “It was a bit scary!” Christine says. “I’m used to text books and lecturers, but there I was on my own, receiving my assignments through the website.”

Then there was the concern that, if she didn’t understand something, Christine’s tutor would be far too busy to help her. Happily though this was absolutely not the case. “Tracey could not have been more kind or supportive,” affirms Christine. “I quickly realised that they were nothing like the fierce and overbearing teachers from my school days! These were professional business people who really were there to help.”

The Career Academy UK | Christines story

Pictured L-R: Amy, student support; Helen, Christine’s mentor; Christine Kidd and Tracey, tutor.

There are ten modules for the Certificate in Medical Reception, and these include:

One of the elements that Christine particularly enjoyed was taking a load of facts or statistics, interpreting that information and then formatting it into an attractive, easy-to-understand presentation.

There was a moment of panic for Christine every time she e-mailed through an assignment for marking. However, as she continued to receive the most positive feedback (for example: “You have shown very good ability with this assessment and answered the questions in great detail. You have a strong business and personal ethic and it shows in your answers“) her confidence soared.

Helen is Christine’s mentor and reports seeing a change in Christine since she completed her certificate. “She’s had this glow, like a spring in her step!” smiles Helen. “Being respected and having her skills recognised has been a great boost for Christine. The value of improved self-esteem and self-confidence can’t really be overstated.”

As well as the extra skills she’s learned, Christine feels that completing her Certificate in Medical Reception has helped her in other practical ways too. “I’m definitely more confident using the Internet now, which means I can be more proactive searching for contracts and, therefore, increase my workload.”

The Career Academy are delighted that Christine has decided to carry on learning with us, this time with a more advanced course, the Diploma in Accounting. We wish her continued success.