PSCU1016 – Certificate in Mental Health

What can be done to help anyone with mental health issues?

We often hear about mental health issues, mental illness and psychological disorders, but what do we actually mean by good mental health? This online course helps you understand the signs, symptoms and possible treatments of adult mental health problems. It also covers prevalent issues of drug and alcohol addictions and the available treatments and recovery support.

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20 reviews for PSCU1016 – Certificate in Mental Health

  1. Breea Butler


  2. Kerryn Robertson

    The course content was okay, but unfortunately I could have corrected my own work better than one of the tutors. I was helped to finish my course though by someone who understood my circumstances

  3. Amy Andrew

    Being able to complete it in my own time – Everything was great thank you

  4. Anna Fahey

    The ability to work at my own pace and that I was offered a free 3 week extension at the end of my course to complete the last 2 modules. There is a lot of errors in the course content (course material, quizzes, assessments) and within the Master Bookkeepers Guide. I had to email a few times about errors that I had picked up and as a student this should not be my responsibility.

  5. Karina Thompson

    The best part was being able to study at my own pace, That out paperwork and certificate be sent as i have limited time to be able to do this due to my completion date and marking was after my completion date

  6. Alicia Boniface

    Printing off my own certificate was a bit of a downer, at the very least you could send it out in the post. Also, spell checking the notes I was sent out. learning more info on mental health

  7. Alicia Boniface

    Printing off my own certificate was a bit of a downer, at the very least you could send it out in the post. Also, spell checking the notes I was sent out. learning more info on mental health

  8. Angela Hewson

    Had studied here before and found it very informative the course content was very good.

  9. Cheyenne Stothers

    i chose to study with the career academy as this was the only distance learning facility that was available for this course that i could find. And distance learning was the most Convenient way for me study at the moment I found that the course was easy to understand instruction wise and the information was useful and was easier to understand than i thought it would be

  10. Ivan Karczewski

    I chose to study with the career academy because it was convenient and helpful. Thank you team!

  11. Shakira Anahi Yates

    Seemed like a credible place and meet my needs.

  12. Debbie Barry

    So far good getting in touch with tutors is good. studying hard in my own time working on my second assessment. I hope I passed my first assessment its all in my own work and words

  13. Michelle Andrea Finnegan

    I want to work in the addiction side of counselling more than any other part of it. I found this course to be exactly what I am looking for to study, flexible and short enough to be a good starting point to ease into learning.

  14. Ivan Karczewski

    Have not talked to the tutors yet, enjoying the course!

  15. Amanda Soar

    Easy to navigate. Easy to submit assignments. Fast tutor follow up where needed!
    Thanks Career Academy!!

  16. Shakira Yates

    I think everyone is very helpful and iI enjoy studying through you guys. All my queries are attended to within minutes!!

  17. Chantelle Lagatule

    Great .. Although ive just started i love this way learning..

  18. Soina Ford

    It’s been pretty helpful.

  19. Paulette DeRidder

    Course is excellent. Finding it takes a bit longer than others as it is quite detailed. The course is challenging which is really enjoyable.

  20. Alena Perkin

    Nothing could be improved I love studying with The Career Academy. Love the ability to study at home anytime I want to.

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Key Benefits

  • Delivered by a Psychology & Mental Health specialist
  • Complete online in your own time, at your own pace
  • Understand the signs, symptoms and possible treatments of adult mental health problems
  • Build your confidence and skills when relating to people with mental health issues
  • Free 12 month student membership to the IAC
  • When you complete we donate to a worthy cause

Accredited by ICOES

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Course Summary

Investment: £499 + VAT or only £25 per week with our interest free payment plan. Click here to enrol now


Assessments: Includes case studies, quizzes and written assessments.


Delivery and support: Online with expert tutor support via email or phone.


Duration:  110 hours. Learn at your own pace, but ideally complete in 10 weeks.


Access time: We allow up to 6 months access to this course.


About the developers:This course has been developed and delivered by highly qualified psychologists with many years working experience in dealing with Mental Health.

This course has eleven modules

PSCG241 – Introduction to Mental Health

PSCG242 – Risk and Protective Factors

PSCG250 – Stress

PSCG244 – Helping Yourself and Others

PSCG243 – Mental Health in the Workplace

PSCG245 – Suicide Risk & Intervention

PSCG246 – Recognise & Respond to Domestic Violence

PSCG247 – Aged Care and Support Services

PSCG248 – Psychotherapeutic and Pharmacological Treatments in Mental Health

PSCG249 – Ethical Responsibilities of Mental Health Professionals

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